Charlotte Lin

photographer Tokyo, Japan

Driven by my love for fashion, I discovered the wonderful world of fashion photography towards the end of my undergrad at the University of Toronto. Following graduation, I started my Masters degree in Ecology in Quebec City, but after six months, in 2010, I dropped out to work in photography. Completely self-taught, my work has been published and exhibited internationally. I have worked and collaborated with magazines, fashion brands, modeling agencies and musicians in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Melbourne and Sydney. In three years I accumulated around 200 pages of publication worldwide.

The first three years of my photography career was the most intense and emotionally-charged years of my life; a period where I lived for love and knew no fear. Looking back, I can say that my entire photography career was simply a giant love story, for the art itself, and for the boy who changed my life and who still inspires me everyday. I travelled constantly, shooting everywhere. I lived in a different city every year for five years.

I somewhat "retired" from the professional scene when I decided to pursue my second Masters degree in Scotland. The fade-out was gradual but inevitable. I felt at peace in one of the most beautiful cities I've ever lived in, and my personal photography from that year will always be some of the best in my work. The transition felt right, but I was still seeking a way to combine all my passions and skills towards a rewarding (new) career.

I never stopped looking, and now, dots have started to connect after one year in Japan as a university lecturer and budding researcher in the field of Learning Sciences. The whole process felt more like a slow discovery rather than an epiphany; as if it has always been there but I just needed all the experiences to see it. And I would not have gotten here at all with anything less. My journey continues, and I am ever so excited to see what I might come across next.

VOGUE Italia (PhotoVogue Feature)
The Fashionisto
Z!nk Magazine (US)
Plaid Magazine (Canada) x 2 (online + print Fall 2012)
FIORA Magazine (Canada) cover + featured artist
T&M Magazine (Canada) x 2 with Issue 7 Front Cover
JAVERTIME Magazine (Canada) x 5
Varsity Arts Magazine (Canada)
Tendances Magazine (Canada)
WASTE Magazine (UK)
X & Y Magazine (Australia)
DUJOUR Magazine (US)
CHAOS Magazine (US)
INK Magazine (US) x 2
IKI Magazine (Italy)
Valeo Magazine (Canada)
Drawgasmic Book 2010 (US)
WOWMAGZ (Indonesia)
TLC* Magazine (Canada) x 3
Unicorn/Dream Magazine (Holland)
Stylust Magazine (Canada)
Reverie Magazine (US)
See.7 Magazine (US)
Out Of Order Magazine (US)
Fame'd (Canada)
Glacier Magazine (Canada) x 2
Quebec T'aime
The MeatMarket
Juried by ModelResource
Something We Like (Interview October 2011)
Fashionotes (Interview June 2012)
Ballad Of Magazine (Featured Artist December 2011)
Carbonmade (Featured Photographer January 2011)
Dropr (Featured Photographer June 2012)
RedBubble (Front Page Feature x 5)
DeviantArt (Daily Deviation x 1)


University of Calgary

E-learning Instructional Design Certificate

University of Stirling

MSc TESOL & Applied Linguistics

University of Fraser Valley

TESOL Canada Certificate

University of Toronto

BSc Ecology & Geography



Group, TRACK, Passage Performance Hall - Ankara, Turkey


Group, Drawgasmic, Art Dimensions Gallery - St. Louis, MO, USA


Solo, The Imaginarium, Cafe L'entract - Quebec City, Canada (with Australian filmmaker Andrew Pearce)


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