Charlotte Lin


A child of nature and culture, who grew to be a world wanderer with a camera.

Following my graduation from the University of Toronto, I started my art career in Quebec City in 2010. Completely self-taught, my work has been published and exhibited internationally. I have worked with magazines, fashion brands, modeling agencies and musicians in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Melbourne and Sydney.

I'm currently focusing on personal work and have recently been based in Scotland, Canada, and now Tokyo, Japan.

VOGUE Italia (PhotoVogue Feature)
The Fashionisto
Z!nk Magazine (US)
Plaid Magazine (Canada) x 2 (online + print Fall 2012)
FIORA Magazine (Canada) cover + featured artist
T&M Magazine (Canada) x 2 with Issue 7 Front Cover
JAVERTIME Magazine (Canada) x 5
Varsity Arts Magazine (Canada)
Tendances Magazine (Canada)
WASTE Magazine (UK)
X & Y Magazine (Australia)
DUJOUR Magazine (US)
CHAOS Magazine (US)
INK Magazine (US) x 2
IKI Magazine (Italy)
Valeo Magazine (Canada)
Drawgasmic Book 2010 (US)
WOWMAGZ (Indonesia)
TLC* Magazine (Canada) x 3
Unicorn/Dream Magazine (Holland)
Stylust Magazine (Canada)
Reverie Magazine (US)
See.7 Magazine (US)
Out Of Order Magazine (US)
Fame'd (Canada)
Glacier Magazine (Canada) x 2
Quebec T'aime
The MeatMarket
Juried by ModelResource
Something We Like (Interview October 2011)
Fashionotes (Interview June 2012)
Ballad Of Magazine (Featured Artist December 2011)
Carbonmade (Featured Photographer January 2011)
Dropr (Featured Photographer June 2012)
RedBubble (Front Page Feature x 5)
DeviantArt (Daily Deviation x 1)

American Apparel
Travis Taddeo
Marie Dooley Signature
Tribe Rider
Naughty Mess Vintage
Unlimit Clothing
Barefoot Contessa
Axel (album + promo images) & Maldito (promo images) @ Higher Reign
Tripes and Caviar
Final State (band promo images)
June21 (band promo images)
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren (album cover) + Matt Cerf (promo) @ Armada
Sebastien Lefebvre (personal work)
Agence Caractere
Vanessa Mills Makeup Artistry School & Studio
University of Toronto - Woodsworth College Gala 2010

DRAWGASMIC, 2720 / Art Dimensions Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA (July 2010)
The Imaginarium, Cafe L'entract, Quebec City, Canada (Sept - Oct 2010)
TRACK, Passage Performance Hall, Ankara, Turkey (March 2011)


Montreal, Canada